"So, I like your work, but how much is this going to cost me?!"


My fees are customized to suit the needs of each individual client and are dependent upon the amount of time required, the location, and the desired finished product.  

Please contact me via phone or email to inquire about availability and for a personal consultation regarding your event or project.  That said, generally speaking:

Wedding packages typically start at $2400. 

Portrait sessions start at $350.

Professional Head Shots are $150.

Commercial commissions are bid based on the specific requirements of the job. 


Included in all packages are the following features:

- Experience:  The creative efforts of an experienced (20+ years) and artistic professional photographer (that's Me!).

- Craftsmanship:  Every image personally edited and custom-optimized for the greatest attention to detail and finest level of quality and craftsmanship. 

- Gallery:  An online gallery of all your final photographs that can be viewed by family and friends, and from which prints can be ordered if so desired.

- Proof:  For wedding clients, a printed hard-cover mini-album is created featuring approximately 50-75 of the best images curated by The Artist.  

- Guidance:  Assistance with selecting and ordering images for presentation, either with exhibition-quality enlargements or custom-designed albums.

- Ownership:  Ownership of your images in the form of high-resolution photos on an archival-quality disc, ready to print and released for unlimited usage (your "digital negatives").


*** A note on ownership of images ***

It is important to me that my clients retain ownership and control of their original images, rather than being held hostage to my commercial interests, so I always provide an archival-quality disc of the final images in high-resolution format suitable for printing and released for unlimited usage.

That said, there is no such thing as permanent digital storage, and though archival-quality discs are currently the most long-lived and secure way to preserve our digital photos they are known to eventually degrade over time.  More worrisome is the likelihood that these forms of optical media (CDs & DVDs) will be replaced by something better in the not-to-distant future, and eventually we may not have the equipment to access them (like floppy discs), and the data will be lost to us.

The point of which is to impress upon you the importance of having some form of tangible material product made of your images (enlargements, albums, coffee table books, etc.), not only so you can actually enjoy your photographs on a regular basis, but also so you have something to share with family and friends, and to hand down to future generations.  

A stack of 4x6 proof prints in a box is all very well, but it does not compare to the value and enjoyment of a finely presented album or a framed enlargement.  Ironically and lamentably, my wife and I still have never gotten around to making an album of our wedding photos, and so have no easily presentable way of showing our daughters what that special day looked like.  Our wedding photographer did not offer the service of creating an album, and I wrongly assumed that I would make the time to do it myself.  

This is why I encourage my clients to seize the moment and make something now!  You deserve it, and you will not regret it.